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ASE Bucharest organizes the following Master's programs:


Master's program

Accounting and Management Information Systems

Auditing Concepts and Practices at National and International Levels 
International Accounting 
Accounting, Controlling and Expertise 
Financial Analysis and Valuation 
Business Accounting - ACCA (in English) 
Accounting and Taxation of Patrimony 
Accounting, Audit and Management Information Systems (in English/ Romanian) 
Business Services
Entrepreneurial Law

Administration and Public Management

Administration and Public Management 
Public Administration and European Integration
Human Resources Management in the Public Sector

Agrifood and Environmental Economics

Economics and Administration of Agrifood Business 
Ecological Economics 
Management of Rural and Regional Development Projects

Bucharest Business School

Romanian-Canadian MBA (in English) 
INDE Romanian-French MBA in The Economic Development of Enterprises (in English)

Business Administration in Foreign Languages

Business Administration (in English) 
Entrepreneurship and Business Administration (in English / French / German ) 
Entrepreneurship and Business Administration in the energy sector (in English) 

Business and Tourism

Management and Marketing in Tourism 
Business Administration in Trade 
Business Administration in Tourism 
Quality Management, Expertise and Consumer Protection 
Geopolitics and Business 
Excelence in Business Services (in English)

Economic Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics

Business Analysis and Enterprise Performance Control 
Informatics Systems for the Management of Economic Resources and Processes 
Data Bases - Support for Business 
Information Security (in English) 
Cybernetics and Quantitative Economics
Economic Informatics 

Finance and Banking

Banking and Insurance 
Finance and Banking - DOFIN 
Corporate Finance 
Actuarial Techniques 
Financial Management and Investments 
Master of Applied Finance
Advanced Research in Finance

International Business and Economics

Business Communication in English (in English)
English Language Education and Research Communication for Business and Economics (in English)  
International Economics and European Affairs 
Management of International Financial Risk 
International Logistics 
International Economic Diplomacy 
Management of International Business (in English) 
Foreign Trade

Law Entrepreneurial Law


Business Management 
Business Project Management 
Healthcare Services Management 
Human Resources Management 
Management Consulting and Business Development 
Project Management
Management of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Business Management (in Piatra Neamt) 
International Management and Marketing 
Business Management (in English)


Marketing Management
Marketing Research
Customer Relationship Management (in English)
Marketing and Business Communication
Online Marketing
Strategic Marketing 
Public Relations in Marketing 

Theoretical and Applied Economics

Business Communication 
Economics of the European Union