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  1. The Third Module of the Postgraduate Course in Strategic Hospitality Management

    During October 16-19, 2017, the third module in "People Management" of the Postgraduate course in Strategic Hospitality Management is offering participants opportunities for engaging in debates, practical applications, case studies on Organizational Behavior and Leadership, Human Resource Management and Business Communication, with applications in the hospitality industry. Academics from ASE - Remus Hornoiu, Claudia Tuclea and Andreea Schiopu - as well as specialists in the field and other guests contribute, with their expertise, to a meaningful educational experience. Details... Website:

  2. Exhibition entitled "Visual Eclectic Show" in ASE

    During October 1-10, 2017, ASE`s "Cecilia Cutescu Storck" Art Gallery hosts the graphics, painting and collage exhibition entitled "Visual Eclectic Show", with works by painter and scenographer Viorel Penisoara-Stegaru. The works are displayed on the first and second floors of the Ion N Angelescu Building. 

  3. ASE`s Board of Trustees` Newsletter - August-September 2017

    To find out about the most recent events organized by The Bucharest University of Economic Studies, you can read the Board of Trustee`s Newsletter here...