All current events
  1. ASE`s Board of Trustees` Meeting with students

    On Tuesday, December 12, 2017, starting 15.00h, ASE`s Aula Magna hosts the meeting of the Board of Trustees with students and academic staff members. The event aims to provide an opportunity to discuss issues arising in the academic and social life of students, and ways of optimizing aspects such as: teaching and learning activities, internships, graduation exams, scholarships, student camps and accommodation facilities etc. Students from all of ASE`s study programs are invited to participate. 

  2. Project entitled "Movie nights in ASE"

    On Thursday, December 14, 2017, the Project entitled "Movie nights in ASE" is reinitiated as a new concept - "Movie night by the book". The movie to be projected on Thursday is "Contact", by Robert Zemeckis, followed by a debate facilitated by literary critic Ana Nicolau and actor Andrei Hutuleac. The event is organized by The Students` Union from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies - USASE, in partnership with the Nemira Publishing House.