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Student organizations

The Students of The Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE) are actively involved in the academic and social life of the University. They organize activities ranging from business seminars and job fairs to film nights and parties. Below you will find a brief description of each organization, accompanied by the necessary contact details which will enable you to get in touch with the one(s) you may wish to join.

  • AMA
  • ASER
  • BOS
  • SISC
  • VIP


USASE - the Students` Union from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies

USASE represents the interests of all ASE students, irrespective of the study cycle or program they are enrolled in, and plays an active part in their personal and professional development.

To find out more and become a member of USASE, please visit www.us.ase.ro (webpage in Romanian)



AEGEE Bucharest has more than 60 members from various universities in Bucharest, Romania. The mission of AEGEE is to promote European values by activities such as inviting specialists from Romania and abroad to conferences, seminars, summer schools and debates; facilitating access to information regarding career opportunities for students etc.

Our website: www.aegee-bucuresti.ro (webpage in Romanian)



AIESEC is an international organization, whose aim is to offer students the chance for rewarding international experiences: paid internships and volunteering activities in companies and student organizations.

Currently, AIESEC has subsidiaries in 14 cities and towns, including Bucharest and its activities can be discovered at www.aiesecbucharest.ro (webpage in Romanian)



AMA - The Marketing Association of Romanian Students was founded in 2013 and aims to create fun and meaningful opportunities for students who are passionate about marketing. So far, it has been involved in entrepreneurial, cultural and artistic projects, meant to develop participants' hands-on abililties.

Website: http://ama.ase.ro/ (webpage in Romanian)



ASCIG - The Association of Students in Accounting and Management Information Systems, was founded in 2002 to contribute to the personal and professional development of Accounting students and not only.

Website: http://www.ascig.ro (webpage in Romanian)



ASEAM was founded in 2014 by students from ASE's Faculty of Agrifood and Environmental Economics who have been trying to contribute to the personal and professional development of students by consolidating the relations between the academic community and the business environment.



ASER - was established by students from ASE's Faculty of International Business and Economics in the late 1990s and has benefited from the creativity, enthusiasm and responsibility of all those involved in developing projects meant to help students develop professionally and add value to the Romanian economic environment.

Website: www.aser.ro (webpage in Romanian)



Business Organization for Students (BOS) represents a team of young people willing to get involved in activities that will ensure their personal and professional development by taking advantage of various opportunities for education and for impacting on society by volunteering activities.

Website: www.bosromania.ro (webpage in Romanian)



The ECOTUR Club for Tourism and Ecology was established in 1999 to encourage the personal and professional development of students interested in tourism and ecology. More than 1500 students have volunteered or directly benefited from our projects, such as internships in tourist agencies and hotels, seminars, tree planting and other ecological activities.

Website: http://club-ecotur.ro/ (webpage in Romanian)



The Independent Union of Students from the Faculty of Economic Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics (SISC) is the first student organization from ASE, being established in 1996. It has developed more than 150 projects to encourage students' active participation in the academic life by means of learning and career building opportunities (ITFest, Spring IT, Cyber Freshmen's Guide), as well as cultural activities (Student Theatre Evenings, Successful Youth, The Bologna Professor Gala).

Website: http://sisc.ro (webpage in Romanian)



Volunteers for Ideas and Projects - VIP Romania is a student organization with subsidiaries both in Bucharest and in Cluj. It offers students the proper environment for development in various fields: Business Club (for wannabe entrepreneurs), Econosofia (for those interested in macroeconomics), International Affairs (for students interested in diplomacy and international relations) and Leadership Development (for those willing to develop managerial and leadership abilities). These communities organize specific projects, benefiting from the contribution of specialists in the respective fields.

Website: http://vipromania.ro/ (webpage in Romanian)