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The Bucharest University of Economic Studies' Website Management Platform

Primary objective:

Our objective has been to develop a website management platform that integrates the websites of the Faculties, Departments and various other structures within the Bucharest University of Economic Studies.

Secondary objectives:

  • the platform performs all the functions of a Content Management System (CMS)
  • its content is easily administered, thus contributing to the decentralization of the website management processes
  • the platform enables the development of plug-ins for adding new functionalities
  • the platform enables the development of static pages, news feeds and blog specific communication processes
  • it is integrated in the existing IT system, retrieving data from the other platforms used by ASE Bucharest, such as the SIMUR platform (i.e. the platform for the Romanian Universities' Information Management System)
  • it is an internally developed platform


The general architecture of the www.ase.ro website:

CMS characteristics:

The webmaster can:

  • manage static HTML pages
  • manage BLOG content
  • run surveys (e.g. BLOG specific surveys)
  • (optionally) manage events panels with self administered content (e.g. Outlook calendars or scrollers)
  • manage rectangular panels as quick links (configurable design, self administered panels)
  • manage document collections
  • store the entire content in a SQL Server database


General statistics regarding the web platform:

  • the ASE.ro main website reunites links to the websites of various structures within the University, thus providing a decentralized means of publishing information
  • over 70 sites within ASE Bucharest utilize this platform
  • all websites share the same design, which includes the university's official visual identity; the quality and novelty of the information published on these websites is ensured by their respective webmasters
  • over 350,000 uniquely generated pages are expected to be indexed by the Google engine


The web development team:

The platform has been developed by a team of 9 specialists from the following departments:

  • Information and Communications Technology (Alexandru Buzoianu, Petre Sandru )
  • Economic Informatics and Cybernetics (Catalin Boja, Marius Popa, Cristian Ciurea and Mihai Doinea)
  • Management Information Systems (Florin Mihai, Andrei Stanciu)
  • Rector's Office (Ion-Sorin Stroe)


Webmasters :


  • Business Administration (in Foreign Languages) - Laurentiu Fratila
  • Administration and Public Management - Sorin Burlacu
  • Economic Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics - Catalin Boja
  • Commerce - Daniel Zgura
  • Accounting and Management Information Systems Andrei Stanciu
  • Agrifood and Environmental Economics - Ildiko Ioan
  • Economics - Alina Magdalena Manole
  • Finance, Insurance, Banking and Stock Exchange - Gina Sirbu
  • Management - Sebastian Madalin Munteanu
  • Marketing - Mihai Cristian Orzan
  • International Business and Economics - Cristian Valeriu Paun



  • Library - Dragos Vespan
  • Economic - Adrian Draghici
  • Educational Management and Continuing Professional Training - Delia Babeanu
  • Research and Innovation Management Unit - Narcisa Ciobotar
  • Cooperation with the Social and Business Environment - Ionut Anica Popa
  • International Relations - Anca Bogdan
  • Human Resources - Bogdan Niculae
  • Social Services - Mariana Vasilica Pop
  • Technical and Patrimonial Office - Marinela Savu
  • Information and Communications Technology - Ariadna Radulescu