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If you wish to adapt to an ever changing interdependent world, to attend university programs designed to ensure your intellectual success and personal development, to benefit from the latest information technology, the Bucharest University of Economic Studies is the perfect choice!
News and events
  • 150 th Celebration of the promulgation of the Romanian Constitution of 1866, attended by the Custodian of the Crown of Romania

    On Thursday, June 30, 2016, ASE`s Aula Magna hosts the Festive Gathering of the University`s Senate to celebrate 150 years since the promulgation of the Romanian Constitution of 1866. The event starts at 16.00h and benefits from the presence of HRH Princess Margareta of Romania, Custodian of the Crown, HRH Prince Radu, members of the University`s Senate, academics, students and outstanding members of the Romanian civil society.

    ADMISSION 2016!

    Our university welcomes applications for its Bachelor`s and Master`s programs in foreign languages and Romanian. To view the list of programs in English, French or German click here.

    Do you want to study in Romanian? To find out about the options and study programs click here.

    For more details, please contact the International Relations Office: international@ase.ro.

  Conferences and Workshops

    By June 30, 2016, you are invited to submit research papers for the 10th International Management Conference on "Challenges of Modern Management", jointly organized by ASE’s Faculty of Management and the Romanian Academic Society of Management (SAMRO). The conference takes place on November 3 - 4, 2016, in Bucharest, Romania. For details, click here... 

    4th International Conference on Marketing and Business Development - MBD 2016
    On June 30 - July 2, 2016, ASE`s Faculty of Marketing organizes the 4th International Conference on "Marketing and Business Development" - MBD 2016. For details, please visit the conference website... 
  • Summer School - Territorial Intelligence for Sustainable Development

    During August 28 - September 3, 2016 you are invited to participate in the Summer School on Territorial Intelligence for Sustainable Development organized by the Department of Tourism and Geography from ASE`s Faculty of Business and Tourism. Details...