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If you wish to adapt to an ever changing interdependent world, to attend university programs designed to ensure your intellectual success and personal development, to benefit from the latest information technology, the Bucharest University of Economic Studies is the perfect choice!
News and events
  • Music, Poetry and Hip-Hop Event in ASE Bucharest

    On Wednesday, March 4, 2015, you are invited to experience rhythm, fun and poetry on the occasion of a special spring-welcoming event starting at 16.00h in the lobby of the Faculty of Marketing and continuing in Aula Magna at 18.00h. The atmosphere will be dynamic, relaxed, and full of surprises! 

  Conferences and Workshops
  • International Conference: Ecological Performance in a Competitive Economy – PEEC 2015

    On March 5-6, 2015, ASE Bucharest’s Faculty of Agrifood and Environmental Economics organizes the 7th International Conference on Ecological Performance in a Competitive Economy – PEEC 2015. To find out more information, please click here... 

    International Finance and Banking Conference - FI BA 2015

    The Faculty of Finance, Insurance, Banking and Stock Exchange from ASE Bucharest organizes the 13th annual "International Finance and Banking Conference - FI BA 2015" on March 26-27, 2015, in cooperation with SIF Banat Crisana, the Romanian Association of Finance and Banking (ROFIBA) and the Center of Financial and Monetary Research (CEFIMO). For details click here...

  • "Competitiveness and Economic & Social Cohesion" International Conference

    ASE Bucharest’s Faculty of Theoretical and Applied Economics and Faculty of Business and Tourism invite you to the "Competitiveness and Economic & Social Cohesion" International Conference, to be held on March 26-27, 2015, Bucharest. For details click here...

    EdProf 2015 – Professionalism in Education
    On June 5, 2015 ASE Bucharest’s Teacher Training Department organizes the EdProf 2015 - “Professionalism in Education” Conference. Conference CallConference website
  • International Conference on "Accounting and Management Information Systems" - AMIS 2015

    On June 10 - 11, 2015, ASE Bucharest organizes the 10th International Conference entitled "Accounting and Management Information Systems" – AMIS 2015. For details regarding the associated events click here... More details at http://cig.ase.ro/amis2015/

    International Conference

    The 8th International Conference entitled "Security for Information Technology and Communications" - SECITC 2015 takes place on June 11-12, 2015, organized by ASE Bucharest’s Department of Economic Informatics and Cybernetics, The Military Technical Academy in Bucharest and the Advanced Technology Institute. Details... 

  • International Conference

    On June 18-19, 2015, ASE Bucharest’s Faculty of Business and Tourism, the Amfiteatru Economic Journal, and BASIQ - the Association for Innovation and Quality in Sustainable Business jointly organize the international conference “New trends in sustainable business and consumption”. For additional information, visit the conference website